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Garway Primary School

"Pupils behave well and the arrangements to keep them safe are good. They are eager to learn and they try very hard." - Ofsted 2014
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The Governing body is made up of 10 governors: the headteacher, 1 x staff governor, 3  x co-opted governors, 2 x parent elected governors and 1 x LA governor

The school governors are all members of the local community. Our chairman, Mark Bevan is a former pupil, and several other members of the governing body are parents or grandparents of children in the school. We share a common aim to see the school and its pupils thrive.

Governors have a number of statutory responsibilities, such as monitoring and overseeing standards, health and safety and matters relating to safeguarding and child welfare. In addition, the governors are responsible for appointing key members of staff, including the head teacher and deputy head teacher, and have overall responsibility for managing the school’s budget. Full Governing Body meetings are held twice each term, but committees with specific responsibilities also meet on a regular basis.

There are three committees - Finance, responsible for budget, health and safety,  buildings and resources.  Pupils, responsible for safeguarding, behaviour, attendance,  curriculum and attainment, and Staffing, responsible for recruitment, contracts, CPD, and Appraisal, and discipline.  The committees have the following members:

 Finance Pupil Staffing

 Mark Bevan (Chair)

Tony Phillips

James Hughes

Anna Sayce



Fiona Mynors (Chair)

Hillary Smallwood

Lesley Cross



 Hilary Smallwood (Chair)

Fiona Mynors

Lesley Cross




Most importantly, we are all committed to ensuring that Garway Primary School is a happy, welcoming, nurturing environment where children love learning and experience a wide range of opportunities that allow them to develop as individuals and fulfil their potential.

The governors provide the school with expertise in a range of different areas, with professional experience in sectors including accountancy, education, marketing and project management.

Occasionally vacancies arise on the governing body and we’re always keen to hear from people who would like to get involved. The term of Office for all Governors is 4 years.

The governors can be contacted via our clerk, Chris Davies,( or the school office (01600750273).

Mr Mark Bevan (Co-opted) (Chair) and Finance Committee (Chair)-  has one child in Garway School. A governor since 2012, Mark is a dedicated member of the Governing, managing to bring his knowledge as an accountant into the Governing body. Mark became Chair of Governors in October 2018. He is also Chair of the Finance Committee.  Attendance FGB 6/6  Finance committee 6/6

"I moved back to Garway just over ten years ago, having gone to Garway Primary all those years ago (in fact I remember the old school!). Lucy and I have four children, all of whom have attended the school, and all four children have loved being part of this lovely little school of ours. I became a Governor four years ago and I am  Chair of Governors, as well as being Chair of Finance & Resources committee. My daytime job is that of an Accountant and I have my own practice in Hereford. My hobbies include sport, especially football and cricket. I also enjoy walking and managed to walk across part of the Sahara desert for charity. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges that being a Governor brings and I firmly believe we have a great team of staff and Governors taking us forward."

Mr Tony Phillips (Co-opted) (Chair) and Finance Committee. A Governors since 1993.  Attendance FGB 6/6 Finance Committee 4/6

Tony is a  member of the finance and resources committee and formerly chair of Governors.  He attended the school as a boy and became a governor to put something back into the school.  He is a local builder and well known throughout the area, with a wealth of local knowledge and experience.  He has been a governor for many years and a valued part of the governing body.

Lady Fiona Mynors (Local Authority) Staffing and Pupils  Committees and responsible for Safeguarding - 2 Grandchildren in Garway School. A governor since April 2013.  She is chair of the Pupils Committee.  Attendance FGB 5/6 Pupil Committee 6/6 Staff Committee 6/6. Special Responsibility for Safeguarding.

"I have always been passionate about education, and the right of children to have the best that can possibly be provided to enable them to have useful and fulfilled lives beyond school. Having graduated in English, I spent over 30 years teaching in maintained and independent senior schools. I became head of a junior school, and have served as a member and subsequently chair of a number of school governing boards. I work as a freelance educationalist, and as part of that I am a Reporting Inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate. At Garway, I am the governor for safeguarding, and chair of the pupil committee. I greatly enjoy hearing from my two grandsons about the work and activities they enjoy as pupils of Garway School."

Mrs Hilary Smallwood (Co-opted) Staffing and Pupils Committees and responsible for SEN. A governor since February 2012.  She is chair of the Staffing Committee.  Attendance FGB 5/6  Pupil Committee 6/6 Staff Committee 6/6.  Special Responsibility for SEN.

"I am a resident of Garway and for the last 4 years have been a community governor at the school. Following university I had two careers: one in social work (mainly with disabled adults, but also in children's mental health); and a second varied career in arts outreach for young people, photography, picture editing, and running singing workshops for children and for disadvantaged adults. I have directed local group The Singing Tree for over 25 years, sing in a number of choirs, and am also involved in running a community choirs project for the Hereford Three Choirs Festival. I am wholly committed to seeing Garway School continue to thrive, and am of course thrilled at its growing musical tradition. I sit on the Pupil and Attainment committee and chair the Staffing committee, as well as being the school's governor for Special Educational Needs and Disability."

Mrs Lesley Cross  (Co-opted ) Pupils and Staff Committee. A governor since October 2015.  Attendance: FGB 6/6 Pupil committee 6/6. Staffing Committee 6/6 Special Responsibility for EYFS.

"I have recently joined the board of Governors as a co-opted governor having moved into the area just over a year ago. I have spent all of my career in education; as a teacher then as a literacy consultant. Now retired, I am in the fortunate position of being able to choose where I live. Every day, as I either drive or walk in whatever direction, I am so thankful that I came to live in this beautiful part of the country.

It was an honour to join the governing body and every time I visit the school I can’t help but be impressed by all that happens there. I sit on the Pupil and Attainment Committee and Staff Committee and have a particular focus on Early Years Education."

Lesley was recently married - hence the change to the name.  Our congratulation to her and her husband.

Mr James Hughes (Parent Governor) Finance Committee.  A governor since March 2016, James is our newest recruit, and is now part of the Finance and Resources Committee.  He comes to us with a wealth of experience as a businessman and auditor. James has three sons at school.  Attendance; FGB 5/6, Finance 3/6

Mrs Anna Sayce (Parent Governor) Finance Committee. Our newest Governor, who joined us in March 2019.  A valued member of the team, a practice nurse, former teacher and with a wide range of experience. Anna has two children in School. Attendance: FGB 4/4 Finance 4/4

Mrs Julie Jones (Headteacher and governor) Finance, Pupils and Staffing Committees.  Julie joined the school as headteacher in October 2013 and works 3 days a week in School.  Attendance FGB 6/6  Finance Committee 6/6 Pupil committee 6/6 Staff Committee 6/6

Mrs Bev Edwards (Staff) Deputy Headteacher. A governor since October 2014 and deputy head teacher.  Bev joined the school in October 2013 as teacher of Class 1 and deputy head.  She is responsible for Safeguarding and SEND.  Attendance FGB 6/6

"As well as being Deputy Head Teacher, Class One teacher and English Co-ordinator, I am also a staff member of Garway Primary School Governing Body.  I feel my role is to act as a voice for staff at our Governing Body Meetings and to liaise with staff around issues raised through the Governing body. I work closely with several governors, specifically around Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs' and make sure governors are up to date with the latest information in the se areas and are able to see this first hand when they visit school."


At present there are no conflicts of business interest within the School Governing Board, other than those governors who are parents/grandparents of pupils and one Governor whose wife is working at School as part of her TA training.


Garway School has a board of 10 governors whose task is to oversee the strategic direction of the school and to monitor its financial security, academic performance and the safety of the children. Miss Jones and one staff governor (Mrs Edwards) are part of the board, and the other members represent a wide range of skills and backgrounds, including education, school inspection, social services, accountancy, IT and business. We work through 3 committees: Finance and Resources, Pupils and Attainment, and Staffing, and each committee reports back to the full governing body. Governors can be parent governors, community governors or LA governors. We are also designated to specific areas of school life (e.g. special needs provision, safeguarding, early years etc.) and are required to familiarise ourselves with the school's policies and performance in our designated areas. In order to be able to discharge these responsibilities, we are required to undertake courses to keep us up to date, and to learn the basic principles of being a good governor: of being a “critical friend”, both supporting the staff group and scrutinising their performance in an objective manner. As well as attending committee meetings, we are frequent visitors to the school to discuss with the head and the staff team their various areas of responsibility, to observe lessons and to enjoy the festivals and performances that are such a feature of the life of the school.

The governors recognise that this is a school with mixed age classes and continue to place a high priority on supporting the presence of Teaching Assistants in the classroom, and in supporting all staff in opportunities for continued professional development. We recognise that a good school relies on the happiness of its staff, and we are filled with admiration for their hard work and dedication.

This year we have seen numbers in the school rise and both the teaching staff and support staff have risen to the challenge of the extra pupils. We congratulate them on their successes throughout the year.

The Pre-school continues to thrive under the umbrella of Garway school and continues to grow.  We have welcomed new staff to the setting this year and they have broadened the scope of the Pre-school, with lots of emphasis on outdoor play and Forest Schools, as well as coming together with the EYFS in The school to link with the curriculum.

Major groundworks have taken place over the year, and we are pleased to see the support received from parents and pupils as well as staff who have worked hard to make these on-going changes happen.

The governors all hold dear the principle that a broad, varied education full of enriching experiences should be part of the life of every child in school. Alongside the teaching of basic skills, we are happy to support Miss Jones and her team in the extraordinary breadth of the curriculum, from music and performance, to a wide variety of sporting opportunities, and so much more – the list we have seen of the activities undertaken just this half term is  heartening and slightly daunting to contemplate!

 Garway School governors are looking forward to supporting the school in all its endeavours in the coming school year